Artist Spotlight: Shh by Sadie

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Artist Spotlight: Shh by Sadie

Meet Sadie!

Much of the jewelry we sell has a creative process behind it. Read more about the collection from Shh by Sadie:

Shh by Sadie pieces include handmade statement jewellery, colourful chain necklaces, hand beaded necklaces, crystal quartz necklaces, and vintage and semi-precious beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Welsh designer Sadie Hawker has created an exciting, luxury jewellery collection for lovers of vibrant colour, exotic print and intricate craftsmanship.

Sadie's never been shy about experimenting with fashion and is a fan of high heels, handbags, and of course, jewellery. Her search for well-made statement pieces that "not everyone" was wearing led her to making her own jewellery whilst living in New Zealand. She enjoyed it so much that it quickly grew into an obsession, and she was soon stocked in several cool, independent stores across the country - her very first was Rex Royale, on Cuba Street in Wellington! 

After several successful years sharing her love of bright statement jewels down under, Sadie has returned to her home hemisphere. Shh by Sadie is now stocked in NZ, UK, USA, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong and Guadaloupe.

Sadie creates statement pieces for you to have fun with, that give you confidence, put a spring in your step and bring your outfit to life! Her designs reflect Sadie's love of playful, colourful, on trend statement jewellery that will last longer than one season and be mixed and matched for years to come. She wears her jewellery every day, and hopes you will too! 

Here at F. W. Woolworth Co., we are delighted to support artists dedicated to their craft. We were thrilled when we discovered Sadie's creations as they're a fun, quirky, yet timeless way to wear jewellery and accessories while making a statement.

Welcome aboard to Shh by Sadie!


Sadie enjoys using traditional bead looming techniques, crystals and chains to create her unique pieces. She hunts down limited stashes of vintage beads, chains and embellishments, and so Shh by Sadie pieces are often one of a kind or limited edition.

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