Top 5 Gifts for Father's Day

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Top 5 Gifts for Father's Day

Father's Day is swiftly approaching. If you haven't even given it a thought, we're here to help! Here are our top 5 gift recommendations for the everydad.

1. World-class Dad.


Perfect for the world traveler, this leather dopp kit is hand made in the U.S. of high quality Horween leather. It's built to withstand frequent travel and daily use. [buy it now]

PRO TIP: Fill it with items such as this muscle soak, shaving soap, or this solid cologne.



2. The greatest listener.


If his vinyl record collection isn't dusty, he needs one of these. This innovative 3-speed vertical turntable impresses the biggest audiophile with its sleek hardwood, signature Victor felt, and tall stature. It even has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing him to also blast music from his phone's playlist. [buy it now]

PRO-TIP: With this, get him a Vinyl Me, Please membership.



3. The best communicator.


If communication is his thing, make sure he never loses his wallet ever again with this iPhone case wallet. With his phone always at hand, his wallet will automatically follow. This sophisticated design works wonders for the simpleton. [buy it now]

PRO-TIP: He'll look pretty fly with these matching shades and charging bracelet.



4. You're my guitar hero.

Let the guitar collector show off his collection in the simplest of forms: his t-shirt. These aren't just thirty-two random guitars. Each one represents greats from Jimmy Page's double neck Gibson to Bruce Springsteen's Fender Esquire to Johnny Cash's signature black Martin. (If he can identify the rest, this shirt is definitely for him!) [buy it now]

PRO-TIP: Pair it with this rock 'n' roll leather cap.



5. He's got your back(pack).

For the man who's always carrying your stuff, this double construction backpack makes it a little easier. Complete with an internal laptop sleeve, it's the ultimate carryall and gets the job done. [buy it now]

PRO-TIP: Fill it with essentials such as this compact wallet or these reflective socks.



If you still can't decide after reading all these tips, just get him a Woolworth's gift card.


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