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Ethereal Night Landscape, Prints and Greeting Cards

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A beautiful ethereal night sky. The original painting is created with alcohol inks.

I usually create trees as my focus, but the celestial sky is the treasure in this painting. It has a lot of great emotion built into it. And the quiet forest below enjoys the beauty of it all. I love all the different types of visual texture in the piece. In art therapy, the self is represented through our representation of trees. Every branch, every twig, every shade of bark, is an expression of myself, in that moment. And by working with the unpredictable nature of alcohol inks, I create controlled structure while simultaneously "going with the flow" and working around and with the unpredictable shapes and blends of the inks. They are contained only by my brush stroke and a barrier of acrylic paint to keep the inks from bleeding. I love the technical challenge required to make it all work together to create something graceful and beautiful.

I find my so much joy in creating trees and I hope you find joy in yourself when you look at my work.


• The original painting is created with alcohol inks on yupo paper
• Glossy prints are available in different sizes, just use the drop-down menu
• Greeting cards are printed on heavyweight paper with a matte finish. They are blank inside and include a white envelope. Perfect for gifts and framing! 

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