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Homesick Candle - College Towns

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There’s a feeling that exists within every state, small town or city – an energy all its own. The smell of the air, the sounds of the morning and the memories that reside there can fill us with nostalgia when we return or rifle through mementos. These places exist in our memories, and though life often relocates us, the sentiment for our experience there remains.

  • Scents of cherry blossoms in full bloom, stone-faced buildings, and leather-bound books in a sunlit library.
  • 60-80 hour burn time
  • All natural soy wax
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand poured in small batches

Bring home to you, no matter where you are
Using input from locals in various states, we crafted scents that embody those places and bring us back home. Homesick’s hand-poured candles began as a hobby in our kitchen, and to this day we still create each unique candle by hand, one by one.
States, Cities, Countries and Memories

Whether it’s the seabreezes of Southern California, the distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park in NYC or the vibrance of the energy that pulses through Brasil we have you covered.


Scent: The main theme is an older leather bound book accord mixed with a woody desk character of cedar and sandalwood. Hints of balsamic and vanilla finish the complex scent.

Grandmas Kitchen Table

Scent: The scents of rich butter mixed with touches of apple, cinnamon, clove and a hint of sugar cookie. Tonka bean and sugar finish out this homey aroma.

Summer Camp

Scent: Fresh green grass accord with hints of crystal clear lake water, blooming hyacinth found along trails and just a touch of fresh lemon and smoke.

Take Me Home

Scent is the strongest tie to memory. Inhaling those sweet aromas while your mind immediately travesl back to those carefree days or amazing experienes. Home can mean so many things and it can be in so many places. Homesick Candles allows you bring bring all of those memories with you, no matter where you go! From your childhood state, to the city where you got engaged, to the best vacation ever in Hawaii to that epic Road Trip with your friends. We have a custom scent for all US States, iconic cities, vibrant countries and those memorable experiences.