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The Writer's Glove® - Standard Edition

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The Best Typing Gloves for Cold Hands and Fingers Anywhere!

The Standard Edition* of The Writer's Glove® is ideal for anyone writing with cold hands on a keyboard. It's warmer, more durable and more comfortable than the original edition, and is used in 38 countries around the world.

  • Thin, yet warm, design
  • Fits like a second skin so you can "feel" the keys
  • Made from 100% silk for maximum comfort
  • NOT fingerless - coverage from wrist to fingertip
  • Superior durability

The Writer's Glove® is an excellent way to keep your cold hands warm while writing that next great novel, cranking out a report at work, performing information technology (IT) tasks on a computer or just checking e-mail. It's up to you how you use them, but your hands will be nice and warm while you do it.

* Does not include the touchscreen-compatible index fingers and grip featured in the .