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Victor Victrola JR

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When the company that became Victor® began making its first record players in 1896, the young president of the company, Eldridge R. Johnson, couldn’t have possibly imagined what the music industry would become thanks to the new found ability to commit sound to disc. 120 years later in 2017, we at Victor Talking Machine Co. are proud to introduce to our new Contemporary Series of record players: a truly remarkable, handsome, wood-tone, high performance Victor® machine that celebrates both the traditional record playing phonograph system (33, 45, and 78), but also the modern music listener’s demand for BLUETOOTH capability. This is the very first Victor® “Victrola” model to feature this incredibly beautiful all in one design giving you not only a wonderful Victor® phonograph, but also a powerful Bluetooth stereo speaker for connecting to any Bluetooth capable digital music device. The Victor® “Victrola JR” is the modern relative to the most popular home music listening system of all time--the “Victrola” model record player--released by Victor in 1906. Unlike the Heritage Series, the Contemporary Series focuses its designs on classic Victor touches, paired with a modern but distinctly “Camden Classic” pedigree. Assembled, inspected, and tested in Camden, New Jersey. 



  • Record player speeds 33/45/78
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • USB Capable


19 x 16 x 10 inches


SR UPGRADE: The Victor® "Victrola SR" is our flagship JR model, with a serious audiophile upgrade. With the use of a newly innovated Victor proprietary head shell, we can upgrade from a standard ceramic cartridge to an Audio Technica magnetic cartridge. This upgrade also includes an exposed tube pre-amp for increased quality of sound.