Modular Stackable Canisters / Salt Cellar Set

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Standing 4.3" tall by 4" in diameter, the MODULE SERIES 6/6 set is the improved, next generation of our popular stacking cellar sets. The MODULE 6/6 Stacking Cellar Set includes two stacking vessels that each have a 6 fl oz capacity. We designed integrated cork gaskets which seal both containers while providing a non scratch surface for your table top. 

At home on your countertop or as elegant table service, this stacking set will only become more beautiful with time as it develops a warm and organic patina as it ages.
All of our items are one of a kind. We cast each unit in a hand made mold for about a week. We then hand burnish each, and then apply three coats of our own FDA approved sealer. 

This item is not composed of typical concrete. It has taken me years to perfect this mix design. All of our concrete items are composed of an advanced cementitious mix which utilizes extremely small particulate, as well as recycled granite and marble dust that I source locally from the countertop industry...The result is an incredibly strong, smooth, and tactile surface that is more similar in physical characteristics to ceramic or aluminum than it is to concrete!

Please note: While our concrete mix design yields an aesthetically predictable product, our concrete can display slight variation in color and in texture. This creation will only get better with age, developing rich character and patina as it ages. Because cement cures at an asymptotic rate, all of our concrete products actually get MORE durable as the years go by!