Woolworth's Pension Plan

We get many questions regarding the Woolworth's Pension Plan for former employees who have worked at a number of Woolworth's stores in the United States. 

We are the Woolworth's brand as owned by Victor Corporation. We acquired the F.W. Woolworth Co. brand in 2014.

In 1997, the Woolworth Corporation became Foot Locker Corporation, and, thus your retirement/pension plan would have transferred over to that corporate entity. The search you'll want to do is for the "Foot Locker Retirement Plan" (formerly the F.W. Woolworth Co. Retirement Plan). They have all the information you'll need and will be able to answer your questions.

You can contact Foot Locker at:

330 West 34th Street

New York, NY 10001
(212) 720-3700



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