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Amaranth Oil To-Go

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Amaranth Oil To-Go; Face & Body Oil
100% Organic Amaranth Oil - Face Oil & Body Oil.
30ml (1oz) - Glass bottle.
A perfectly portable version of 5AM's best-selling amaranth oil.
Amaranth oil: rich in squalene, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids for a firmer, brighter, and smoother skin. Amaranth oil helps to promote active skin recovery and rejuvenates while providing maximum hydration.
Discover 5AM's revolutionary organic amaranth oil for the first time or take this perfectly portable travel size version. 5AM's Amaranth oil is cold-pressed, organic, naturally gluten-free, vegan and saves sharks!
Many luxury skin care and toiletry products contain squalene, an ingredient that is usually derived from the livers of deep sea sharks. An estimation of 6 million sharks a year are being killed for squalene. Using 5AM amaranth oil, you will not only receive the amazing benefits of squalene but also actively contribute to a sustainable world.
Apply 3-6 drops of amaranth oil directly on your face, neck, or anywhere else on your dry and clean skin. Massage oil into your skin, it will absorbs quickly into your skin, leaving a glowing and pamper feeling behind.

Material: 100% Pure, Organic, Cold-Pressed Amaranth Oil

Made In: United States

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days