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Edible Flower Seed Bombs - Indoor/Outdoor Gardening

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Grow a great selection of edible flowers to add a touch of beauty to your cooking with these Edible Flower Seed Bombs. Nasturium, Marigold and Calendula will look great in your garden and on your kitchen table. They'll even provide great habitat in your yard.

Each pouch contains 5 seed bombs that are approximately .75" and made by hand. The 3"x5" muslin pouch is hand screen printed and filled in our studio. An insert contains a brief history of seed bombs and planting instructions.

These edible flower seed bombs have been formulated with a mixture of yummy and easy-to-grow plants: nasturtium, calendula and marigold.

Seed bombs can be planted in the Spring, Summer and early Fall -- just throw and grow! The ball will break up on impact with the ground, and rain will further disintegrate it. The red clay and worm castings in the seed bombs enrich the soil around the seeds, helping your plants grow. Additionally, you can purchase this item during the Fall and Winter months and plant indoors instead. *SHIPS IN AUGUST*