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Mario Question Mark Block Lamp

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It's-a-me! Mario lamp!

Very bright lamp has the question mark on all 4 sides, and an open bottom to make it perfect for hanging over a table or couch. Extra long lamp cord is capable of hanging the entire unit safely, and comes with two hooks for easy installation. 

Takes any standard light bulbs, not recommended to use a bulb over 75 watts. Measures 6" on all sides. 

- Beautiful 4 sided design
- Energy efficient bulb included
- Long 15' cord capable of hanging the lamp
- Open bottom to keep you from seeing the bulb, but allowing the most light out where you need it

Perfect for a kid's room, as well as those who still think they are kids (which is very okay). Ships fully assembled with one bulb in the US and Canada. For over seas purchases, its worth noting that the lamp has a North American outlet plug, so an adapter will be needed if you live in a region with different electrical standards.

Disclaimer: Lamp does not contain fire flowers, coins, mushrooms, super leaves, stars, or other power-ups. May lead to constant humming of original Mario theme song. Please use with caution. 

Also note, each lamp will be assembled and shipped within 3 to 5 business days. We make them all to order with buckets of love and care.