Six Pack Suspenders

Six Pack Suspenders with 6 Detachable "Classic Black" 12oz. Can Coolies

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As if we didn't have your attention with suspenders.  Admit it - this is the fashion item that is trailblazing a brand new genre. Drinkware fashion will soon be a household word and you can have a hand in being one of the first pioneers. If someone asks you "Why?," the only legit answer is 'Why not?" Because deep down inside we know the real question is "Where did you get such amazing suspenders?!?" Yeah, we know. It's ok to stare. A little.

  • Suspenders are adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Includes 6 premium neoprene custom coolies
  • Adjustable chest strap

Made In: China

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days