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Victor Berliner III

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The Berliner III model Victor is inspired by one of the company’s most beloved record players: the Victor III. Originally introduced in 1901, the Victor III quickly became a benchmark for home entertainment. Many of its classic features have been reimagined into the Berliner III. Victor co-founder, Emile Berliner, the inventor of the record player and disc record, is the namesake of this all cherrywood instrument. while the machine may generously borrow from Victor’s historic original designs, it is truly a hybrid of new and vintage technologies with its inclusion of a powerful record player (33, 45, 78), CD Player, Bluetooth connectivity (for use with all bluetooth capable music devices), and an AM/FM Radio. This powerhouse of an instrument includes a specially designed and patented record player arm which functions to enhance the player’s aesthetic detail and functionality. The tone arm and cartridge are specifically designed to provide a beautiful stereo playback of your favorite music, every time. 

Additional features include its functioning horn, and like the playback arm of the machine, the horn is not simply cosmetic; along with two high quality stereo speakers located in the base of the machine, it contains an additional ‘tweeter’ speaker at the very base of the horn. This speaker and its horn combine with the primary stereo speakers to enhance the acoustic and electric amplification properties of this home entertainment system while the tone of the speaker and horn are adjustable via a front panel equalizer.



  • 33/45/78 RPM Turntable
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Functional Horn
  • CD Player
  • AM/FM Radio


19 x 16 x 10 inches